About us

Having carefully monitored the situation and the realisation of the investment, as well as having monitored the offer and demand in the housing sector, we have decided to offer our city an avant-garde residential-commercial project thereby setting high standards and raising the quality of living to a higher level, and in accordance with what the City of Poreč/Parenzo, being the leader of tourism and urban development in Croatia, deserves.

The excellent building location of the residential-commercial complex LA MULA Poreč/Parenzo, the state-of-the-art construction quality and ensured quality of living, will be reason enough for our future buyers to choose a piece of real estate from our selection.



Mletačka 12, 25100 Pula, Croatia

OIB: 93339086171

Our team

We proudly point out that our team is composed of extremely responsible, highly-competent and professional staff which designed the project and which will follow and monitor the execution and the realisation of the project.

The same team will be at your service for all questions and suggestions regarding the purchase of a piece of real estate.

Please note the extraordinary business and technical collaboration we have with prestigious designing houses, reference building contractors and craftsmanship contractors working in the housing sector as well as with financial institutions.